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OCTOBER 2012                                                                                                                        ISSUE 28   


Every man is the architect of his own fortune.

The Recent Changes of Yulin University

After a long summer holiday we came back to our school again.  As we walked around the campus, we could see a lot of changes.  Our school has become more and more beautiful.  The most attractive change is that there are numerous lit-up trees on our campus.  In the evening, we see the beautiful red, blue, green, pink, and yellow lights flickering.  There are also some new buildings that have been built and painted.  These buildings were only empty shells last semester.  What's more, in front of our library, there are many beautiful, colorful flowers that have been put on display.  The water of the lake in the Qin Garden is much clearer as well, so everything seems fresh and lovely.

         Last but not least, new freshmen have come to the university, which adds more character.  These students are young and active.  They give new, fresh blood to our school.  Overall, Yulin University has changed a lot this semester, becoming a pleasant and enjoyable place to study.

Cui Jianying (Jane)

Class 4, Grade 3

University Life


    My New University Life  

I am proud that I am a college student now. My college life is a  new beginning. This is my first time away from home for such a long time and I am trying to adjust to life here. College life is very new and exciting for me because there are so many new teachers and new friends. Right away, I was fascinated by the school buildings and playgrounds because they are so beautiful. Many of my school-mates study hard in the library. I want to learn more from them. I also get to communicate with foreign teachers to improve my spoken English. 

    I am so glad that I have already made many new friends in the school. They are enthusiastic and I value the friendship between us. We will help each other. I hope I can learn a lot here. I plan to participate in a variety of activities to broaden my horizon. I believe I can do well in college!              

Liu Ya 

Class 2, Grade 1 


As a new student, you may feel that college life is boring. You do not know how to deal with your spare time. I think that your college life will become wonderful as long as you make it meaningful.

     In your spare time, you can play sports. It is very interesting and good for your health to play sports. In fact, you can do anything that you are interested in. Do not be nervous. You are free to do what you like. Studying in college is a new start of your life. You can continue studying hard for better scores. During your time spent at a university, you are not only able to develop your intellectual abilities, but also develop social skills, as well as knowledge and wisdom. You can also go to the library. The library is a good place for students to study.  If you want to show your talents and skills, you can join in all kinds of activities. You will succeed if you try! In a word, college life is wonderful!

Chen Shan

Class 1, Grade 2


A New Lifestyle

      With the development of a better economy, a new lifestyle has been spreading across the world. With the better lifestyles, more people enjoy traveling.

      Traveling has many advantages. First, it can improve our speaking skills when we communicate with foreigners. We can also learn more about the cultures of different countries, such as food, clothing. Last but not least, it is important for us to broaden our horizon and relax ourselves.

       In a nutshell, the students who have graduated from senior high school need to seek more vivid matters. At the same time we should have a great aim while travelling. Where do you want to go? What should you do? What do you get from it?

     Are you prepared for it? A new lifeNew feelingsWhat a meaningful thing!

Li Mengyao

Class 3, Grade 1

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