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OCTOBER 2011                                                                                                               III     ISSUE 24

Freshmen arrive at Yulin University

Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass. - - John Rusk


As one of your school sisters, I want to congratulate you all for having been admitted to Yulin University.  Maybe some of you are curious about university life. Well, I can tell you life in university is not similar to life in high school. What will  impress you most will be the atmosphere of freedom and the "abuse", which will teach you a lesson before you really adapt to university life.

    Maybe you were an excellent student in high school which makes you proud of yourself, but here at university, excellent students are a dime a dozen. You will feel uncomfortable because of this. What I want to tell you is to take it easy. Imagine you are a fish when facing the university; you will feel like a small fish in a big pond instead of a big fish in a small pond. The challenge is to become the best fish you can be.

    When it comes to our major, English, most of you will feel confused about how to learn it well. Firstly, we should learn the importance of studying it, we'd better find out the obstacles we have in our studies and try to solve them as early as possible. Secondly, we must form good habits in our English studies.

Always remember: there is no such thing as a silent language! We must practice our oral English a lot.


    You can talk to yourself in English, you can read books in simple English to enlarge your vocabulary, and you can go to Qin Garden on Wednesday afternoon to chat with our foreign teachers and schoolmates which is a good practice, perhaps even the most important practice while studying English.

Remember, whenever we meet difficulties in our English studies, we should not lose heart but try to overcome them and ask our teachers for advice. In a casual way, we will make great progress in our studies.

   University is a combination of academy and society; the first step into society. College life is very different from high school or middle school. It teaches you not only what to learn but how to learn by yourself when you enter the real world in future. And do remember: attitude is everything!                                                                                       Bai Chuiyan 

Class 4 ,Grade 2, English Department


English is accepted widely all over the world. It is very important for us to learn it well, but how to learn English well? Here are some tips to learn English well.                               How do you memorize new words?                              New words can be mastered in several ways. First, you need to work on your pronunciation. If you pronounce words well, you will write them down according to how you pronounce. Second, you need to master your spelling. Third, you need to know meaning and use of words. Finally, you should work hard on it.                                                                     How do you improve your speaking?                       Firstly, don't think too much about your use of grammar. When you speak, try to use the keywords. Secondly, pay attention to the different meanings between English and Chinese. Lastly, try to use gestures and facial expressions to go with your verbal communication.                                             How do you improve your reading?                                   First, look at the title of the passage; you can get the general idea from it. Then you pay attention to the first and last sentence of every paragraph of the passage. Finally, note the style and tone in order to understand the writer's meaning.                How do you improve your grammar?                              The purpose of learning grammar is to help learners to have a better understanding of the language. It is useless to just remember grammar rules, because there are no rules without exceptions.                                                                          How do you improve your listening?                                    First, you should have the correct pronunciation of the words in your mind, so learn to pronounce them correctly; then you try to catch the meaning of the sentence, but not the separate meaning of the words. Finally, pay attention to the general idea.

     These tips may perhaps help you improve your English level, as long as we put them into practice. I believe they can help you make great progress. In English people say, "Practice is the sole origin of testing truth."  

 Yan Huping

Class 3 ,Grade 2, English Department













 As a consequence of the wide use of English, learning English is becoming more and more necessary as well as important .Therefore it is increasingly important for us to spare no efforts in studying it and take it as our second language.

   We have been learning English since we were pupils or middle school students. We have grown up accompanied by English for a long time. We more or less have knowledge of learning English.

Maybe all of us just learned to take notes in class, for the time in class was especially valuable. We must treasure it.

We'd better try to improve our studying, speaking, reading and writing skills if we want to learn English as well as we can. Obviously, only if we do relevant exercises every day, can we make progress quickly. Also, we might as well use it in our daily lives as much as possible.

 There are several useful English learning tips in the following: firstly, we should listen to English speeches or songs for 30-50 minutes a day to improve our listening skills. While doing this, we should learn to listen for the useful information. Second, in order to improve our speaking and reading skills we should speak English and read English magazines or texts more often. Last but not least, we can attempt to write compositions or express our present feelings in English with the phrases or new words we have just learned, through which we can develop our writing skills and improve our level of writing.

 We are bound to encounter new words that we have never seen before and it is common to come across sentences we cannot comprehend. Don't worry when experiencing so, we can look up the new words in a dictionary or turn to our teachers or classmates for help.

 We can get double the result with half the effort if we carefully study the methods of English learning. It is not advisable to study extremely hard and then stop in the middle of the journey, as we will get out of touch with the points we have learned up to then. Instead, we must insist and believe in ourselves. We can achieve something after all

.                                                                                                   Zhang Jiamin                Class 4 ,Grade 2, English Department

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