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After three stressful years of high school, the year-by-year carnival Christmas is coming .This is the first time we will celebrate Christmas as freshman in college. It must be different from previous times.

  With the coming of Christmas, everyone may get excited. The reason why we get so excited is that Christmas is a time of mirth. In China, before Christmas, people (especially students) prepare to collect 24 Jiao from different people in order to buy an apple on Christmas Eve. It's said that you will have good luck if you eat the apple on Christmas Eve. It's very interesting.

 Maybe there are plenty of differences between China and Western Countries as to celebrating Christmas. In our school, we usually give a Christmas to our best friends; we also spend Christmas together. We are going to have a party and buy gifts for our family and friends. We can enjoy other parties on this day and we will have fun. What's more, maybe you can express your love to the one you have been in love with for a long time. At that moment there seem to be no unpleasant things, but only happiness.

  I am already looking forward to Christmas. What about you? How about getting together this Christmas?

I wish you a merry Christmas.



I like Christmas.  It is similar to our Spring Festival.  Before, I thought that the Spring Festival was much more important and interesting.  This year, I like Christmas Day better because I am a freshman and we can spend our time with new classmates during Christmas this year.

Christmas Day is on the twenty-fifth of December.  It is the biggest holiday in the Western world.  It is the day that Jesus Christ was born.  People in the Western world celebrate and worship this day in His honour.

In the West, Santa Clause will come and give presents to everyone.  Christmas cards and decorated Christmas trees are all over the place.  Christmas songs echo through the air as Christmas carollers sing.  Everyone is very happy during this time of the year.

In China, on Christmas Day, the shops are red and green.  It is very colourful.  There are many Christmas cards, Christmas trees, Christmas hats, Christmas dolls, candles, cakes and little toys.  The shops look very beautiful.  I can give a card or toy to one of my friends that says, “Merry Christmas.”  Not only will we have a good time, but also we will learn something about foreign culture.

Christmas is coming.  This also means that a new year will come.  Let’s study harder and harder to welcome New Year’s Day.


The twenty-fifth of December was a special festival long before people began to celebrate Christmas Day. The Roman festival of Saturnalia was at this time, and throughout Europe, Yuletide was a time for burning logs and decorating the cold, dark days of winter. Since there was no solid record of the day on which Jesus was born, the Christian Church chose the twenty-fifth of December, a time of feasting and goodwill, to celebrate His birth.


A Pine or Spruce tree decorated with lights and tinsel is often the focus of Christmas celebrations. The Evergreen tree is an ancient symbol of life.  The lights the have been added by Christians, in more recent times; represent Jesus as the "Light of the World".


Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe are three Evergreen plants used as decorations at Christmas time. They were traditionally worshipped in pre-Christian time as plants that appeared to stay alive during the winter.


Christmas would not be complete without Santa Clause binging gifts for all of the children. In the Turkish town of Deme, the birth of Santa Clause, or St Nicholas, is celebrated every year during the three-day festival held in December.   Born in the nearby town of Patard, St Nicholas is remembered not only as a famous Turkish archbishop, but also for his kindness to children.


Carol singers tell the story of the birth of Christ in songs during the days leading up to Christmas. They go to different houses, singing carols, sometimes collecting money for charity.


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