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April 2012                                                                                                                                    ISSUE 26


"Write it on your heart that every day is the best of the year" ---Emerson


 As   Time   Goes   By

     As time goes by, we all grow up.  Freshmen, are you still puzzled or are you ready to fight for your future?  Well, I am ready for a new start, and I will take new steps towards my future.  Now, I will tell you something about my plan.

     Firstly, of course, I will study hard and be a good leaner.  I am going to get up early to do morning exercises and have a quick breakfast.  Then, I will read in the morning and listen to my teachers carefully in class.  After class, I will borrow some books from the library to read.  Also, I will be active in English Corner and Chatroom.  I will also listen to songs and news in English.

    Secondly, I ought to take good care of myself to stay in good health.   Meanwhile, I will make more friends with others and keep in contact with my old friends.  I would also like to communicate with my parents more and let them know that I am doing fine at school.

     Next, I am going to try my best to improve myself by learning to be outgoing and getting along well with my classmates.  At the same time, I will take part in more clubs and practice doing  more things.  For example, I would volunteer to help students who are poor in speaking English.  In this way, not only can I help others, but also I can get some good experiences.  So, I will be more independent and make great progress.

     Finally, I should be positive and optimistic about the future.  I will go on fighting, getting ready for my future.  Only if I am ready, when chances come, will I be there and be successful.  So, everyone, get ready, you will get your success.

                    Hao Jianli

                                                                                                                                          Class 4, Grade 1

Value Your Time

     Since I entered college, I have felt a great burden off my mind and I  just want to relax. So do my classmates. We enjoy playing cards and   are very skillful at it. We seldom work on our lessons unless there is an examination. Then we work under pressure. I know it is not good, but  what I lack is self control. Most of us know it is a problem, and it is time we did something about it.

    As youth, we are in the prime of our lives.  We should make good     use of our golden time. The teachers take pains to teach us every day so that we can acquire more knowledge. We should not fail their            expectations. I should not rest with content with what I have done.     Entering college is just a step in the threshold of the palace of knowledge. The   road is long. The modern age needs the well educated. The   future world will be highly competitive. If we idle away our time while     young , who shall regret it in vain when we are old.

  From now on , I will concentrate all my energy on my studies as to qualify myself as a talent in the 21st century. Time and tide wait for no man. I should value my time. What about you, my friend?


    Just  for  today  I  will  try  to  live  through  this  day  only  and  not  tackle  my whole  life problem  at  once.

I  can  do  something  for  twelve  hours   that  would  appall  me  if  I  had  to keep  it  up  for  a life time.

   Just for  today  I will  be  happy.

   This  assumes  to  be  true  as  to  what  Abraham  Lincoln  said:

"Most  folk s are  as  happy  as  they  make up  their  minds  to  be."

   Just  for  today  I  will  adjust  myself  to  what  is, and  not  try  to  adjust  everything  to my own  desires.  I will  take  my  ''luck" as  it comes.

     Just  for  today  I will  try  to  strengthen  my mind.  I will  study.   will  learn  something useful.  I will  not  be  a mental  loafer.

I will read  something  that  requires  effort,  thought  and  concentration.

     Just  for  today   I  will  be  agreeable.  I  will  look  as  good  as  I  can ,  dress  amusingly,  talk,  act  courteously,   criticize  not  one  bit,  and  try  not  to  improve  or  regulate  anybody  by myself.

        Just  for  today  I  will  have  a  program.  I  may  not  follow  it  exactly,  but  I  will  have  it.

I  will  save  myself  from  two  pests,  hurry  and  indecision.

 Wang   Yu, 

Class   2 ,   Grade   1        


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